Slight change of plans

It’s not gonna be a longer caraco but rather a short jacket and a skirt from the same fabric. So far I cut the fabric (lining and fashion fabric) of the jacket, sewed the bodice together using a combination of running stitches and am currently working on the hems.



The fabric is discontinued Ikea Alvine. I don’t like much the feel of it (although it’s 100 percent cotton), but the colors and pattern just fit so well.

But here’s the thing… is hemming supposed to take this long? I wasn’t surprised that the seams took me long. But yesterday I hemmed the bottom hem of the jacket (admittedly more than a yard) and it took seven-and-a-half episodes of Orphan Black*. (7 hours.) Am I just exceptionally slow? Should my stitching be more generously spaced? (It’s the same stitch width as my seams.) Should I stop using le point a rabattre sous la main even though it’s totally period and fun to namedrop?

The thing about the hems isn’t so much the jacket. I’ll finish them in time. The thing is the skirt/petticoat where I’m looking at 4 yards of hemming. With my currents speed that would take me… some time.

*Orphan Black is pretty good by the way. It lives and dies with its lead actress who is in the fortunate position of playing 8 different characters. While at first that seems gimmicky and you kind of dismiss it, it’s interesting how after a while you start to run with it and stop paying attention to the gimmick. You start to believe in them as different characters. Which either means that my threshold for suspension of disbelief is low or that the actress is just that good. Or I should have just paid more attention to the hem.