The hat – finished.


It reminds me of a cake, to be honest.

I left off the planned ruffle around the brim for a variety of reasons, mainly because I suspect that it would be a lot effort with minimal pay-off. I might end up making the hat look worse and after putting in a lot of work into making that ruffle, I would probably not be able to not add it anyway. Of course, this means that my embroidery placement is less than perfect but whatever. Continue reading


The embroidered hat, part who cares

So I finished embroidering, finished the white silk stuff to go under the pinked other stuff, then I pinned my crown covering to my crown and sewed it down:


You see all these pins? Sewing past them is like cuddling with a hedgehog.

Then I sewed  my embroidery layer onto the crown, along with all the other stuff:


The ribbon disguise the fact that the fabric was pieced.

Meanwhile the underside was this:


The fabric was a silk scarf I bought in error. It’s some sort of pongee and to pleat properly is to attached to a ribbon that you pleat. Everything else is just nonsense. The feel is nice though. Anyway I sewed it to a cotton twill tape, pleated it, attached it to the inner crown and then I folded it over the brim. There is a bias tape under it, protecting it from the edge of the hat.

IMG_3495 Then I sewed the outside of the embroidery layer to the resulting edge, without going back through the actual hat. No extra bias tape was necessary. IMG_3494 Now the whole thing is just missing some additional decoration and ribbon ties.

The hat – half-embroidered

The hat is going well, I padded the base with some cotton fabric on both sides, so the straw doesn’t show through and sewed some hat wire around the brim. These are clearly the most exciting parts, hence the lack of pictures.

Then I lightboxed up (Just get some transparent paper to print your pattern on, a glass plate and some light and you, too, can do this.) and traced my pattern onto my fabric. The vines I did in trick marker because I figured I would embroider fast enough to make this work and getting lines wrong with pencil can pretty much ruin the whole thing. The leaves are pencil, because I am not that fast (I think), and they are way more forgiving to embroider.


Please remember, the purple will disappear.

My way of doing embroidery is… texturized.


That’s how I got this far.


A Bergere

I’ve decided to make a fairly over-done Bergere hat.

Inspired by these particular hats:

A reproduction from Kyoto.

A reproduction by Reine des Centfeuilles

This original from the V&A

I’ve come up with a “Best (worst?)-of”, conceptually.


Before you knock my concept illustration: this also doubles as my embroidery pattern which is super-neat.

I decided keep it in a celadon/mint-green with white accents, otherwise I might end up blinding people with my millinery work.

It looks fairly busy already (and I have barely done anything in real life!) and I still want to add bows and feathers.