2018 in review

The biggest project of the year I made at the very start of it:

a 1780s riding habit with an embroidered waistcoat, a plain waistcoat, a neckstock and a hat. (I also spruced up my old riding habit shirt for this)



Also I made in the first half of the year:

a 1660s-1670s dress out of heavy red silk satin


a woman’s banyan out of the same red silk satin with a white silk sash


a 1780s “jellyfish” hat (the contemporary term was actually chapeau-bonnette)


a new pair of stays (also a new shift, new stockings and a split bumpad (not pictured)


a caraco with a fan-pleated back, a matching petticoat out of cotton chintz and a custom printed fichu


an embroidered robe à l’anglaise out of cotton voile with no lining at all, based on this dress in the Met.


The second half was spend on an embroidery project which still isn’t finished. And it’s not because I didn’t try to finish it. It’s just a bit too much.


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