An update on the Francaise

It’s been a while and I have been somewhat productive. I finished the sleeves, pinked 35 yards of trim armed with nothing but a pair of pinking scissors and fray check, re-did an element of the sleeves because it didn’t look right, and finally applied all that yardage to my gown. For obvious reasons – this took some serious time.

The result is that aside from the stomacher trim and the petticoat, there is nothing left to do. This sounds like “nearly finished” except the petticoat has some serious yardage of pinked trim and a few parts of the stomacher trim are strange enough that I am still not sure how to do them.

But in better news I finished my first death head button!


Fun with a 1/2 inch button mould.

I used every trick in the book to make this one happen and it’s really nice. I am tempted to do these outside of 18th Century reenactment stuff to spruce up regular clothes but I think it would be helpful to finish the five I need for this before planning other things.

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