The Francaise, the Fifth

I took ages to finish the stomacher. Not only has this thing a hook and eye closure, it also turned out to be too large. This is weird since it was the same stomacher that I used on the pet en l’air. But I think the Francaise requires the stomacher to sit higher at the bottom and thus it sat way too high on my chest area.

Just to give you idea how much time I spend on that stomacher – I binged-listened to 8 episodes of 50-minutes-an-episode tv show. (Although that might have slowed me down a bit.)

I also did the ties that hold up the train if the terrain makes it necessary.

So basically I finished the base Francaise. What I have is entirely wearable if a bit too plain.

But to rectify this I have started on my sleeve ruffles and thus the first part of what I count as the dreaded trim.

But to be fair, the challenge with the trim is that all of it has a pinked “scallops within scallops” edge. Now I have a pinking iron but  – as previously mentioned on this blog – very little idea how I get it to work.

But I have found away around it, It involved pinking scissors with tiny scallops, drawing all the small scallops on the fabric and a lot of time.


But the result is actually quite satisfying so far.

Another challenge was that my dream gown has weird sleeve ruffles. I have no idea how wide they really are but I suspect that they are very wide. That theory has led to altering Janet Arnold’s pattern quite interestingly:


Yes, that is the top flounce which is about 31 inches wide now.

I have not put them together yet, so this might actually still turn out to be horrible (and a waste of fabric). We will see.

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