La Francaise, the Third


The good news is that I already have some that looks recognizably like a Francaise: I’ve finished the robings, the sides, the back. In front of me is some serious hemming and the sleeves. Somewhere in the distance is a stomacher calling my name.

The bad news is that I am looking at my trim (the thing after the stomacher) with serious dread. This is obviously the make-or-break element of my gown. If I don’t get it right, I am not getting my dream gown. And if I don’t – then this is all a bit pointless.

Funnily enough, this whole things has actually given me some serious respect for art forgers. Because my pet en l’air was practically free-style in comparison to this one. Just getting the width and shape of the robings right turned out to be a challenge and it’s just one among many others. I am so much slower although I am essentially just doing my pet en l’air again.  But getting it “just like that other gown” is so much more complicated than just doing my thing.

And sometimes it just gets more difficult on its own. Looking very closely for yet the millionth time I realized that the buttons on my dream gown are not made of self-fabric but rather single-color death head buttons. (In my defense, the pics are kinda low-res, so I am not even 100 percent sure on that.) The first try in that direction was a total failure (it is not helping that the buttons are domed and like 1/2 inch wide), so I tabled that until after I finished absolutely everything else. And with everything else I mean, I might actually apply temporary self-fabric buttons before I’ll try again.

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