A flower hat for my chemise a la reine

I figured I needed a hat when I frolick in the sun for my chemise a la reine photoshoot. (Any weekend now…, really.)

But since the gown is so color-neutral and I didn’t want to stick white silk on a altered 5 dollar hat for an all cotton costume, I let myself be inspired by this particular hat:

Elisabeth of France, Vigee-Lebrun

Élisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun. Detail from Madame Elisabeth, 1782.

Clearly, using the real flowers was a no-go, since the cornflowers would wilt before I even finished putting them on the hat. I also suck at identifying most of them, so…

What took the longest was shortening and re-shaping the crown of the hat. The flower crown – because that’s what it is – is thankfully something that you can’t throw a stone at without hitting a tutorial.

So here at the ingredients: wire-cutters, floral tape, floral wire (here already turned into a circle slighly larger than the hat’s crown and wrapped with floral tape), a hat and some fake summer flowers (poppies, cornflowers, wheat).

P1040751 copy P1040752

The first stage was wrapping the greenery around the wire using floral tape.


It had its own charm.

Then I added the flowers, using shortened fake flower stems that I wrapped in floral tape, so it didn’t look quite as plastic and then applied to the wire crown with even more floral tape.


In between stage with some flowers only loosely applied.


Finished crown. The tape is markedly slimmer.

I didn’t sew the crown on. It is so heavy that it is unnecessary. 7

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