The Chemise a la reine is finished

IMG_0090 First I finished the front-lacing stays. They are entirely stiffened with plastic boning, bound by hand in linen bias tape and lined with cotton after the binding. All lacing holes were with hand-stitching. So hypothetically, it should by entirely washable since there is nothing that could possible rust. Drying might be take a while though… IMG_0098 I abonded the  backlacing when I realized that I would lace it edge to edge in the back anyway. This is by the way period, even though rare but not unheard of in surviving stays. IMG_0103 I also finished my organza petticoat (not pictured.) So the chemise itself… I ran into some problems there. The whole sleeves/back/shoulder strap part of the dress is closely fitted. Any actual chemise I might want to wear under it has to be very fine. And in fact, the sleeves had to be pieced with a third part to make them wider. (The addition goes from the shoulder pit to the inner wrist, so it’s practically invisible.)

That stays’ strap is actually not supposed to show….

That stays’ strap is actually not supposed to show….

I pretty much used up all my fabric but enough remained to make the sash out the same fabric and self-fabric buttons. There were never any plans to make a ruffled collar anyway even though it would cover a few sins. I tempted to make one to see if it really sucks as much as I think it would but that would be just weird, right? IMG_0093 All visible stitiching was made by hand, everything else by machine. I did take the comment to heart that the Manchester Art Gallery Chemise has hardly seam allowance (which considering the sheerness of the fabric makes sense), so gave all my fabric pieces rolled hems (by machine obviously) before stitching them together as close to the hem edge as possible.  What I totally failed at is photographing myself in appropriate surrounding. This will come later… as usual.


This is what happens when you miss the golden hour and end up with a night shoot….

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