The hat – finished.


It reminds me of a cake, to be honest.

I left off the planned ruffle around the brim for a variety of reasons, mainly because I suspect that it would be a lot effort with minimal pay-off. I might end up making the hat look worse and after putting in a lot of work into making that ruffle, I would probably not be able to not add it anyway. Of course, this means that my embroidery placement is less than perfect but whatever.


There is a pink-ish tone to the ribbon in this photo, I don’t know why either.

  The second to last act was the pleated, geometric trim around the crown. Fun was had by watching Better Call Saul and Poldark while making it. It involved cutting, fray-checking, measuring, marking, box pleating from the wrong side and then realizing that I would have to pleat the triangles directly before sewing them down because pinning them was a non-starter. After sewing them to the crown and adding the ribbon, I took a long break and made myself a pair of embroidered garters. I used scraps of the silk which was stupid because putting them into any embroidering frame was a pain.


And look – a split stitch.

Then I spent some fun time on a new project before I gave up and finally added the previously dyed silk ribbon to the underside of the hat.


It’s not a an absolute match to the fabric. but close enough. And much closer than in this picture.

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