The embroidered hat, part who cares

So I finished embroidering, finished the white silk stuff to go under the pinked other stuff, then I pinned my crown covering to my crown and sewed it down:


You see all these pins? Sewing past them is like cuddling with a hedgehog.

Then I sewed  my embroidery layer onto the crown, along with all the other stuff:


The ribbon disguise the fact that the fabric was pieced.

Meanwhile the underside was this:


The fabric was a silk scarf I bought in error. It’s some sort of pongee and to pleat properly is to attached to a ribbon that you pleat. Everything else is just nonsense. The feel is nice though. Anyway I sewed it to a cotton twill tape, pleated it, attached it to the inner crown and then I folded it over the brim. There is a bias tape under it, protecting it from the edge of the hat.

IMG_3495 Then I sewed the outside of the embroidery layer to the resulting edge, without going back through the actual hat. No extra bias tape was necessary. IMG_3494 Now the whole thing is just missing some additional decoration and ribbon ties.

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