The hat – half-embroidered

The hat is going well, I padded the base with some cotton fabric on both sides, so the straw doesn’t show through and sewed some hat wire around the brim. These are clearly the most exciting parts, hence the lack of pictures.

Then I lightboxed up (Just get some transparent paper to print your pattern on, a glass plate and some light and you, too, can do this.) and traced my pattern onto my fabric. The vines I did in trick marker because I figured I would embroider fast enough to make this work and getting lines wrong with pencil can pretty much ruin the whole thing. The leaves are pencil, because I am not that fast (I think), and they are way more forgiving to embroider.


Please remember, the purple will disappear.

My way of doing embroidery is… texturized.


That’s how I got this far.

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