A robe l’anglaise

After finishing my Vionnet dress (no pictures yet) I embroidered a petticoat, altered something someone else did by adding an embroidered stomacher (also no pictures) and now am I working on a red silk robe l’anglaise retroussée – more commonly known as a polonaise (although actually robe a la polonaise is something else entirely.) Or maybe not. Okay, this is how far I got so far:


My fabric. This is also the only picture that shows its correct color.

Red dupioni (not very slubby, so whatever) fitting a red silk petticoat that I have made a year ago.


My pattern, so far. Janet Arnold mets a photocopier and duct tape.

I did not photograph making the lining and fiddling with the pattern, although that took me the better part of a day. I started taking pictures once I got into pinning. the back.


It does look somewhat awful.


Yeah, not much better.

I stitched the pleats in place and grown subsequently too lazy to photograph it, especially since the photos look kind of terrible. Anyway this is the back. The unsolved question is the front. So originally I wanted something like this:


Simple, no frills. (Yeah, I wish I had that fabric, too.)

On the other hand, such a simple dress doesn’t leave any room for mistakes. So maybe some trim to cover some potential sins?


Maybe even some fake front-zoning?

But then why do a fake front zone if you can have a real polonaise? 2cc74ee83b5d3370dd56a5964d02fbac On the other hand, I don’t actually like the look of a real polonaise all that much from the front. So maybe a real front zone gown? Even though red-on-red is not as exciting as it could be, it might look nice. Maybe a diagonal front like this: 4b4e281244a49e7b148afffec6a6e076 Or a straight on like this (makes re-adjustments with the closure so much easier and isn’t quite as over done as the diagonal front. tumblr_lut8g6qGkt1qcddvlo1_1280

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