Vionnet dress, the second

Truly a terrible picture. I apologize.

So I have sewn together my fabric pieces on the bias – whether it is the real, true, definite Betty Kirke-approved bias… well, we will never know. But it hangs exactly like it should. And it taught me a valuable lesson on tutorials and muslins… Because I did my research and some did a muslin of this dress once and used a sort of cotton fabric. And that dress could be folded in so many ways – backwards, to the front, to the sides, up and down. My dress doesn’t do that. The folds hang down in one specific way and downright refuse another position. Any attempt just has them slipping back into their place.

Now Betty Kirke noted that the dress has hand-rolled hems. I did give a piece of a fabric a try-out with my rolled hem foot. Unfortunately that did not went well and didn’t have the “this is not a hem” look I was looking for. So now I am looking forward to roughly 16 yards of hemming by hand. Fun times.

On a cheerier note, I might change the belt. I mean I’ll make the scarf but I am looking for another option.

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